Información sobre los geotextiles y tejidos técnicos para la construcción de Texdelta

29 / septiembre

Geomesh is a geosynthetic material consisting of a uniform surface made of mainly polyester, propylene and/or high density polyethylene. It is supplied as several strips laid out in a rectangular shape and joined by a point called node. Geomesh is available in both Biaxial and Uniaxial types depending on their manufacturing process. In this new post we will go through the advantages and the differences between each of them depending on their applications.

17 / septiembre

In this new post we will discuss one of the most effective systems to ensure gravel and slope stabilisation: geogrids. At Tex Delta we are manufactures of the DLT GC-6 geogrid, a honeycomb shaped 3D mesh comprising joined, non woven geotextile fabric strips. Thanks to its features, the geogrid will not lose its shape, sink […]

9 / septiembre

The term “Heavy vehicle traffic” refers to any type of large vehicle intended for transporting goods or people. Thousands of heavy vehicles drive through our roads day after day. In some areas nearby trading estates, there are an even larger number of heavy vehicles causing several negative effects on the road surface, such as cracking […]

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