25 / febrero

When building slopes, there are different types of geosynthetic fabrics that can be applied to prevent erosion and collapse. In addition to strengthening the slopes, geosynthetic fabrics also promote the development of a vegetation cover. In this article, we will review the advantages offered, more specifically, by the slope strengthening geogrids.

25 / febrero

Due to their inclination, slopes must be strengthened and stabilised in order to prevent debris from falling, or even their collapse.

For that purpose, we can use geosynthetic fabrics that shall not only strengthen the slope but also contribute to develop a vegetation cover. However, not all types of geosynthetic fabrics can be applied in slope strengthening projects. For that reason, this article has been created to review the advantages of using geomesh for these purposes.

17 / septiembre

In this new post we will discuss one of the most effective systems to ensure gravel and slope stabilisation: geogrids. At Tex Delta we are manufactures of the DLT GC-6 geogrid, a honeycomb shaped 3D mesh comprising joined, non woven geotextile fabric strips. Thanks to its features, the geogrid will not lose its shape, sink or leave tread marks.

As shown in the image below, by applying the geogrid we will prevent sinking and, in addition to avoiding material to sink, it will not lose its shape or leave vehicle tread marks, thanks to its joints and the geotextile fabric, providing high tensile strength.

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