The thermal blanket is a lightweight non-woven, UV stabilized. Because of its porosity permits the passage of air and water. The use of thermal blankets allows biological and thermal control of crops. The thermal blankets can be used both in greenhouses and outdoors. Especially recommended for sensitive plant species to insect attack, sudden temperature changes and frost. The advantages of using thermal blankets on their crops are:

  • Increased productivity and quality of plants.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy installation and handling.
  • Create a uniform climate.

DLT AGRICULTURE TERMAL BLANKET is a nonwoven application in different areas:

  • Iis used in various types of crops. agriculture, horticulture, orchards, tree nurseries and individuals
  • Greenhouse effect creating a double chamber.
  • In outdoor crops (lettuce, watermelons, melons, potatoes, peppers, etc …)
  • Early sowings off seasons.
  • Growing of vegetables (considering its features.)
  • Growing flowers (must be discovered before flowering and after replace the thermal blanket).
  • Golf sport.

DLT AGRICULTURE fulfills the following functions:

  • Increase the temperature between 3 and 4 to the atmosphere.
  • Avoid frost and frost.
  • Allows the passage of water allowing fertilization and irrigation.
  • Durable and lightweight at the same time.
  • Keep a U.V treatment allowing sunlight to reach without difficulty the plants.
  • It is porous. Allows ventilation without problems in crops.
  • Protection against insects.

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