DLT GEOCELDA is a three dimensional mesh for land and slope stabilization. 

DLT GEOCELDA is a three dimensional mesh for land and slope stabilization. 

The structure of the geocells is made from a high-density polyethylene stabilized against UV radiation by carbon black and is used to confine aggregates, stone, gravel or soil in order to increase the bearing capacity of the soil. The sheets can be perforated to facilitate drainage. Therefore, the application of geocells provides a stable surface for both pedestrian and traffic areas (roads, car parks, golf courses, etc.). The geocells prevent the appearance of furrows and subsidence in gravel soils, providing stable surfaces thanks to the high tensile strength of the material. It is a product designed to prevent and correct erosion on slopes, hillsides, channels, etc., and in soils where the aim is to regenerate the topsoil.

DLT GEOCELDA is a three-dimensional cell confinement system in a honeycomb structure that is filled with granular material creating a new form of geosynthetic composite in three planes.

The GEOCELDA DLT has the following advantages:

  • High tensile strength.
  • The honeycomb structure of the geocells allows the soil not to expand.
  • The geocell can be filled with gravel or sand.
  • It allows horizontal and vertical drainage thanks to the perforation of the wall of the geocell.
  • Easy to store and install, the geocell is presented in a compressed accordion form to improve handling and storage.
  • Improved performance of the filler materials while increasing the load-bearing capacity of structural pavement layers.
  • The filling and cell stiffness is increased by the tension of the rings developed in the cell wall.
  • Prevents movement and protects the soil filling from constant loads, maintaining compaction and reducing wear.
  • Improved geosynthetic performance.
  • Reduction in the amount of filler by 50% or more.
  • Allows the use of local soil as filler material.
  • Reinforcement of the soil avoiding the formation of gullies.
  • It allows the passage of water and nutrients through the soil, while protecting it from adverse weather conditions.
  • Allows the placement of plant substrate and the fixation of the plant species to improve rooting.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Maintenance reduction.
  • Less costs and time in the regeneration of degraded areas.
  • Reduction of environmental impact.

DLT GEOCELDA  is a three dimensional mesh that has applications in:



ROADS AND PARKINGS: In combination with our geotextiles, DLT GEOCELDA is used in the construction of;

  • Parking areas for vehicles.
  • Stabilization of roads and footpaths.
  • Garage entrances.


  • Reduces runoff and the dragging of sediments in highway ditches, roads and on the sides of railway tracks.
  • They are used as a support on slopes for sowing.



LANDFILL SITES: DLT GEOCELDA is used in landfills for:

  • Revegetation in the construction of landfill slopes.
  • Regeneration of the topsoil in the landfill sealing.
  • Reduction of environmental impact.

SLOPES AND EMBANKMENTS: DLT GEOCELDA avoids the loss of fines and aggregates by rainwater or wind, favoring the regeneration of the topsoil.

SOILS AND HILLSIDES: Control of erosion in soils and hillsides at risk of degradation due to weather conditions.

GREEN WALLS: DLT GEOCELDA is used for stabilization and reinforcement of green walls.

RETAINING WALLS: DLT GEOCELDA is used for stabilization and reinforcement of retaining walls.

LANDSCAPING: In combination with our geotextiles, DLT GEOCELDA allows the creation of landscape surfaces covered with gravel. It is also used in the stabilization of garden walks.


  • Golf courses.
  • Stabilization of fields and sports areas.

NON-PASSABLE ROOFS: DLT GEOCELDA is used to stabilize the gravel on non-passable roofs.



SURFACE DRAINAGE: In combination with our geotextiles, DLT GEOCELDA is ideal for urban drainage. It is a long-term alternative for surface water and rainwater drainage.



RESERVOIRS: DLT GEOCELDA is used to improve revegetation in the construction of embankment slopes, etc.

COASTAL PROTECTION: In combination with our geotextiles, DLT GEOCELDA protects the coastline. Its flexibility and permeability ensure resistance to the impact of waves and currents, preventing erosion and loss of fines.

DAMS: Artificial dams and embankments should be reinforced with resistant materials to withstand the forces of nature. In combination with our geotextiles, DLT GEOCELDA stabilizes and prevents the dragging of fines.

RAVINES, RIVERS AND CANALS: DLT GEOCELDA is used in the protection against hydraulic erosion of ravines, rivers and canals.


DLT GEOCELDA is a three dimensional mesh that performs the functions of:

  • Load support. Soil reinforcement.
  • Control of surface erosion.
  • Covering of channels.
  • Containment structures or reinforced earth.
  • Landscaping.