Three dimensional mesh for land stabilisation with a very flexible honeycomb structure in order to provide a stable surface in pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas. Fill with gravel or sand to create an ideal surface for landscaping and construction projects. This mesh is manufactured with non woven, joined geotextile bands. Thanks to its joints and geotextile components, vehicle tyres will not cause the DLT-GC-6 mesh to lose its shape, sink or leave tread marks, resulting in a  high tensile strength.

It allows for vertical and horizontal water drainage thanks to the geotextile’s granular infill and gravel or sand porosity. Also, it’s simple to install by just extending it, since it is  supplied in a compressed accordion-folded manner for improved handling and storage.

The process to install the three dimensional mesh is very easy:

  • Extend a length of mesh and fix the corners with a stake or U shaped nail.
  • Expand the mesh lengthwise for about  8m . You will see how the width decreases on the sides.
  • Mesh can adapt easily to any area by cutting it with scissors or a cutter knife.
  • Extend a second layer of mesh if required and staple it  to the first layer in between the cell joints and so on, until covering the required space.

DLT-CG6  is a  three dimensional mesh with a geotextile that has applications in:

  • Vehicle parking areas
  • Walking paths and pavement stabilisation.
  • Landscaped, gravel covered areas.
  • Sport areas and fields stabilisation.
  • Golf courses.
  • Garden path stabilisation.
  • Garage entrances.
  • Slope stabilisation.
  • Walking paths and pavement stabilisation.
  • Seed support in sloping grounds.
  • Ideal for urban drainage: Our mesh is a long term alternative to evacuate surface and rain water.

DLT-CG6 is a tree dimensional mesh that performs the functions of:

  • Check the ground quality.
  • Staple the different mesh layers if it was required to install several layers before filling in.
  • Fix the mesh with stakes in sloping grounds.
  • Mesh must always be in contact with the ground.
  • Make sure that there is no gravel underneath when filling in to avoid raising the mesh.
  • Always use the adequate type of gravel.
  • Always place a minimum of load on top of the mesh.
Geogrids intended for gravel and slope stabilisation

At Tex Delta we are manufactures of the DLT GC-6 geogrid, a honeycomb shaped 3D mesh comprising joined, non woven geotextile fabric strips. As shown in the image below, by applying the geogrid we will prevent sinking and, in addition to avoiding material to sink, it will not lose its shape or leave vehicle tread marks, thanks to its joints and the geotextile fabric, providing high tensile strength.


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