Information on geotextiles and technical fabrics for construction
22 / March

Geomesh fabrics for reinforcement and stabilisation

Geomesh fabrics for reinforcement and stabilisation.

Geomesh are geosynthetic fabrics used for reinforcement. They feature an open, flat structure and are manufactured from highly resistant and durable polymers. These are two-dimensional structures that are manufactured from different polymers to ensure their interaction with the soil with the purpose of increasing its tensile strength resistance while creating a competent geomesh/soil resistance that can withstand any loads and distribute these uniformly.

These are usually manufactured from high tenacity polyethylene (PET) fibres that provide its highly resistant features. Protected from mechanical damage by a PVC polymer coating, these biaxial reinforcement geomesh fabrics feature a rectangular mesh opening.

These are installed in order to provide different solutions such as:

  • Reinforcement and stabilisation of embankments in roads and railway tracks.
  • Reinforcement of embankments installed on soft lands.
  • Embankment stabilising piles.
  • Reinforcement of backfills and soils in industrial areas and shopping centres.
  • Reinforcement and control of erosion in slopes and steep hillsides.
  • Stabilisation and reinforcement of retaining walls and green walls.
  • Stabilisation and reinforcement of canalisations, river banks and coastal areas.

Among the advantages of using them on construction sites are:

  • Easy installation also in adverse weather conditions.
  • Increased safety and slope stability.
  • Reduces the volume of land movements.
  • Maintains a natural aspect on hillsides.
  • Significantly increases the useful life of roads, railways and reinforced paths.
  • Significantly reduces the appearance of cracks on reinforced grounds.
  • A material that is highly resistant to damages occurred during installation.

At Texdelta, we have a wide range of geomesh fabrics such as the DLT – GRID 55/55. A flexible floor reinforcement geomesh with high traction resistance. We can also provide other solutions such as the DLT – GRID RSR 50/50, DLT –GRID G 100-100 and DLT –GRID RSR 100-100 geocomposite fabrics comprising a highly resistant polyester geomesh and a non woven polypropylene geotextile membrane on one of the sides, in order to reinforce tarmac and ground surfaces. These geomesh and geotextile membrane combinations improve bonding between the base and the upper layers when used in road repairing and re-tarmacking works. Another interesting product within Texdelta’s geomesh range is our DLT – GRID PVA 350/350, a highly resistant geomesh fabric. A biaxial reinforcement geomesh manufactured with PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) fibres with high resistance to aggressive pH’s and alkaline media in particular.

If you need further information or prices for our geomesh products, do not hesitate to contact us at info@texdelta.com