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Geotextile fabric for horse riding trails. Applications and advantages
22 / March

Geotextile fabric for horse riding trails. Applications and advantages

Geotextile fabric for horse riding trails. Applications and advantages.

As a good horse keeper, you take great care of your animals’ health. That is why geotextile fabrics can help you prevent equine injuries. Horse riding trails and their conditions can have both a positive or negative effect in your horse’s health and development. For that reason, designing and building a horse riding trail often presents multiple challenges with several aspects to bear in mind such as stability, durability and injury prevention. An extremely rigid or soft trail can both have negative effects on your horse.

That is why our equestrian trail geotextile fabrics have multiple advantageous features when used in equestrian projects. Most notably, it provides your trail with the required stability to ensure the well-being of both horses and their riders. Among its main features are:

  • Improves the soil characteristics in grounds used for horse riding activities such as dressage, racing and jumps.
  • Absorbs the impact from horses’ hooves.
  • Reduces shifting of sand.
  • Maintains the sand optimally wet avoiding excessive dust clouds.
  • Effective draining as it can absorb an adequate amount of water while allowing the rest to flow to the sides with the smallest of slopes.

When used in horse riding trails, geotextile fibres are conveniently mixed with the sand and extended in a uniform manner throughout the surface in order to take full advantage of all its benefits. They can be used for both outdoor and indoor trails with identical results. In addition, they can be applied to indoor riding halls, fast and slow speed trails, etc.

When building or repairing any equestrian facilities, one of the most difficult aspects is ground quality and conditions, both in the case of indoor and outdoor trails. Thanks to the application of geotextile fabrics, we can see a significant improvement on the surface, with multiple advantages and benefits to take care of the horses’ limbs while enjoying a trail in perfect conditions and providing an excellent performance with the longest possible durability. Below are some of the advantages of applying geotextile fabrics and products such as Equidren:

  • These products do not pose any environmental risks for the soils where they are installed.
  • Suitable for all types of sand
  • An easy to install and cost effective solution
  • Does not require any kind of special maintenance
  • All materials used to manufacture DLT- Equidren offer high degradation and wear-and-tear resistance, with over 10 years’ useful life.
  • DLT- Equidren is UV resistant, and therefore ideal to use in outdoor trails.
  • It offers better humidity absorption, reducing the creation of dust clouds and optimising irrigation.
  • It provides effective draining thanks to the geotextile fabric’s absorption capacity while preventing the sand from shifting.

Geotextile fabrics for use in horse riding trails are becoming increasingly common throughout the world, particularly in Europe and the US. A cost effective, optimal solution to achieve a stable, long lasting trail that is beneficial for the health of both horses and their riders, thus making it the ultimate horse riding trail. And don’t forget that they are not only suitable for horse riding or equestrian trails. They can also provide a great improvement when used in areas with high animal transit.

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