Drainage systems on the N-232 road in Puerto Querol

Having a good drainage system is essential for the correct preservation and maintenance of any infrastructure. Keeping water away will always reduce potential issues.

In this case, the project of improvement of the layout of the N-232 National Road in the Puerto Querol segment, which runs between Vinaròs (Castelló) and Cabañas de Virtus (Burgos), longitudinal drainage has been done in ditches in which our GEOBASIC has been used as a filter fabric.

The group of companies UTE PUERTO QUEROL, formed by PAVASAL, CONSTRUCCIONES SARRIÓN and NORTÚNEL, placed their trust in TexDelta for the supply of the geotextile required for this work. Specifically, a 200 gr/m2 GEOBASIC polyester non-woven geotextile was used as a fines filter, thus preventing clogging of the draining gravels and minimizing the loss of drainage capacity over time.

Thanks to the use of GEOBASIC non-woven geotextile, it is possible to maintain functional drainage and increase the service life of the drainage system.