Buidaoli pond in the historic centre of Alcoi

Ornamental ponds are acquiring more and more presence and prominence in the city parks or surrounding areas. The mentioned ponds, complemented with vegetation, generate green spaces in urban zones.

This project in particular is part of a larger project, “Soluciones Basadas para la Naturaleza” (SBN Alcoy), with different independent actions throughout the city of Alcoi with the intention of revegetating the urban area. The specific action in the Buidaoli Pond consists of isolating it from the sewage system and using a green plant filter to prevent pollution and eutrophication of the pond. It is also intended to eliminate invasive species of turtles and carp from the pond in order to introduce species native to the area.

The company EMBALSES Y OBRAS DEL SURESTE SL placed its trust in the Armando Alvarez Group for the supply of geosynthetics for the waterproofing works of the pond. To isolate it, DLT DREN from TexDelta has been used as vertical drainage in the surrounding wall and the pond has been re-waterproofed with high density polyethylene membrane ALVATECH 5002 from Sotrafa, protected with a 300gr/m2 GEOFORCE polypropylene geotextile, also from TexDelta.

Thanks to the use of the GEOFORCE geotextile, the membrane is protected from eventual damage caused by irregularities in the ground that could puncture it and the service life of the waterproofing system is prolonged.