Water reservoir “C.R. La Horca-Agramón”

Construction of the new Irrigation pond for the “C.R. La Horca – Agramón”

Water reservoirs also called irrigation ponds are a key infrastructure for irrigated agriculture. In Spain, considering the lengthy periods of drought, the regulatory role of the reservoirs allows to meet the water requirements of the agricultural exploitation.

For the “C.R. de la Horca-Agramón”, in the region of Albacete (Spain), had been conducted an operation consisting of the utilization of the water filtrations coming from the “Talave” Dam upstream pumping it and storing it. As part of the project, a new pond has been created with a storage capacity of 200.000 m3 increasing the existing capacity to match the property’s needs.

The company RIEGOS LEVANTE HELLIN relied on the Armando Alvarez Group to supply entirely all the project geosynthetics. More specifically TexDelta has supplied the geotextile GEOPROTEC for protecting the ALVATECH 5002 HDPE geomembrane used as liner.

Thanks to the use of our geotextile GEOPROTEC, the service life of the lining system will be extended avoiding the appearance of weak areas caused by the surface imperfections.