Upgrading of the access road and platform to the electrical substation between Mairena del Alcor and El Viso del Alcor thanks to our GEOFORCE geotextile

Most electrical substations are usually located in peri-urban areas or on the outskirts of cities. This results in driveways that are often not asphalted and need to be upgraded in other to allow the heavy equipment to pass. In this project, the road and platform of the electrical substation between Mairena del Alcor and El Viso del Alcor were improved thanks to our GEOFORCE geotextile.

The company in charge of the works was EXCABOL NIVELACIÓN, S.L. and used our GEOFORCE geotextile as a separation and reinforcement, separating the existing layer from the additional gravel. The geotextile will prevent the layers from mixing and prevent the manifestation of soft patches or differential settlements, helping to distribute the loads.

The non-woven geotextile separates the different layers of materials avoiding interference between them and thus maintaining the stability and regularity of the road. The functions of installing this technical fabric on roads are to filter water, separate the different layers of soil, reinforce the bearing capacity, and improve drainage.

  1. Resistance to perforation and tensile strength.
  2. Excellent mechanical and chemical-biological resistance.
  3. Well balanced permeability and particle retention.
  4. Cost reduction.

With the use of geosynthetics, the service life of this type of works is extended without a significant increase in the cost of the work.