Application of geosynthetic fabrics at Fuente de San Luis’ Integrated Development Plan

In general terms, and particularly in the case of non woven geotextiles, geosynthetic fabrics are an essential element in any type of building works thanks to their multiple purposes and wide ranging applications.

For that reason, Grupo Bertolin has required different types of geosynthetic materials for different purposes for their Integrated Development Plan at Fuente de San Luis area that comprises over 2,300 new homes.

A range of products was used in the initial stages to create a draining system on the retaining walls’ internal side including our DLT DREN G, a geocomposite fabric comprising a cuspated polyethylene sheet attached to a non woven polypropylene geotextile fabric and GEOBASIC, a non woven geotextile polyester fabric. While the draining geocomposite material is installed vertically along the entire retaining walls’ internal surface, the geotextile is used as a filter enveloping the draining pipe and surrounding gravel that provides the draining system with continuity alongside the retaining wall’s footing.

This installation provides the following advantages:

  • High draining capacity.
  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear and chemicals.
  • Thanks to its 8mm high cusps, it allows the water to run-off while the geotextile side provides a filtering action.

In certain building work areas, more specifically, the access roundabout to the Integrated Development Plan area, our DLT ANTI WEED MESH was used and subsequently covered with gravel. Following is a list of purposes and advantages of using this product:

  • Preventing weed growth.
  • Facilitating and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Avoiding the use of contaminants such as weed killers.

By applying non woven geotextiles in the construction of civil works and building projects we can significantly improve their performance and durability.