Rail tunnel rehabilitation with Geoforce Geotexile

Geotextiles are materials composed mainly of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene and polyester, which can be woven or non-woven depending on their manufacturing process.

The use of this type of material has many different functions such as drainage, filtration, reinforcement, erosion prevention and protection. They are mainly applied in projects such as roads, reservoirs, landfills, drains, etc.

In the case of the rehabilitation of the Martorell station railway tunnel, carried out by the construction company UTE Castellbisbal-Martorell, formed by the companies DRAGADOS and TECSA, GEOFORCE, a non-woven geotextile made of 100% polypropylene mechanically bonded by a needlepunching process, was used.

To know more in detail this place, the Martorell station is a railway station called Castellbisbal located in the municipality of the same name, the station of the R4 and R8 lines of Rodalies Renfe of Barcelona.

Why was this type of material chosen?

In the case of the Martorell railway tunnel, our GEOFORCE geotextile was used as a separation element in order to generate a discontinuity between the existing lower layers and the new foundation slab.

The high mechanical performance of this highly durable polypropylene geotextile helps to protect the impermeable layers of the tunnels as well as to separate the soils, make drainage filters, load distribution, protection, etc.


Some of the advantages of GEOFORCE geotextile are:

  • – High resistance to perforation and tensile strength.
  • – Excellent mechanical, chemical and biological resistance.
  • – Well balanced permeability and particle retention.
  • – Cost reduction.

Finally, we should mention that this GEOFORCE geotextile fulfills a series of main functions such as:

  • – Filtration: retains certain particles subject to hydrodynamic forces while allowing the passage of fluids.
  • – Separation: avoids contact between two materials with different properties, preventing mixing and possible contamination.
  • – Reinforcement: allows reinforcement and stabilization in the construction of parking lots, shoulders, airports, railroads and in road resurfacing.
  • – Drainage: it performs the function of allowing the passage of a fluid from one place to another in liquid or gaseous form, carrying out the function of elimination by evacuation in the thickness of the geotextile.
  • – Protection: it protects impermeable geomembranes, preventing mechanical damage caused by puncturing or abrasion.

The result of this rehabilitation was a tunnel perfectly conditioned and reinforced for continuous use by railroads and for a long service life.