Reinforcement and prevention of cracks in the CV-797 of La Font Roja with Geogrids

Reinforcement and prevention of cracks in the CV-797 of La Font Roja with Geogrids

The conservation of infrastructures is a public concern all over the world. The cracks and potholes that are created over time by the continued use of the road, are not only a problem for drivers, but also for road health in general.


Geogrids are net-like structures made of coated plastic materials for use in the construction and public works sector. Specifically, they are intended for soil reinforcement and stabilization applications in order to correctly distribute the load transmitted by embankments, foundations and pavements.


The construction company Tizor Hormigones y Asfaltos S.L. was in charge of applying the reinforcement geogrids in the repair and resurfacing of the CV-797 road in Font Roja de Alcoy, a protected natural park located in the Hoya de Alcoy region, in the north of the province of Alicante.

Why was DLT GRID DL GLASS Geogrid used?

The installation of geogrids in roads helps to distribute the supported loads evenly to the following layers.


Specifically, DLT GRID DL GLASS geogrid is a fiberglass geogrid with a low weight polypropylene geotextile. It helps reinforce asphalt layers and minimizes cracking due to deformation caused by differential settlement and temperature variations.

In general, the performance of this type of road operation and maintenance activities is focused on two main objectives: to allow safe and comfortable traffic flow; to preserve the heritage of the road network in an efficient manner.

The installation of the DLT GRID DL GLASS geogrid on the CV-797 in Font Roja in Alcoy was mainly used with the aim of reinforcing the weakest areas and thus preventing future cracks produced by the continuous use of the road.


Thus, some of the most important advantages of using DLT GRID DL GLASS and why, as we have already mentioned, it was used are as follows:

– Extending the service life of the pavement.

– It is a simple, very fast and economical installation.

– It can be installed at low temperatures in accordance with the installation details of emulsion and asphalt.

– It contains an excellent adherence between layers due to the presence of the geotextile.

– Reduces fatigue of bituminous mixtures.

– High tensile strength.

– Strengthens the different layers of asphalt.

– Delays the appearance of cracks and minimizes them.

– Recyclability of glass.

Finally, with the use of this material, DLT GRID DL GLASS Geogrid, we obtained a perfectly reinforced road, firm and prevented from future cracks for the passage of traffic.