Forest road stabilization with GEOBASIC GEOTEXTILE and GEOCELLS – 2019

The installation of geotextiles for roadways construction allows a better distribution of loads, increasing the bearing capacity of the soil ground and improving its life span.

This is what was done on the access road to a private property in Arenys de Munt: they achieved perfect stabilisation of the country road with the Geobasic and Geocells geotextile, increasing its stability and preventing erosion over time.

Why did they choose the GEOBASIC geotextile?

The installation of the technical fabric on roads is used to separate the layers below the pavement from the stabilised layer with the Geocells, keeping the layers separated, preventing the migration of fines and allowing water to pass through. In this way a more durable structure is obtained.
GEOBASIC is manufactured in different strengths and widths to meet to the needs of each project. Thanks to its high mechanical resistance, this geotextile is recommended to improve performance in all civil works and construction applications where it is required: protection, filtration, separation or reinforcement. This technical fabric or geotextile is an environmentally friendly product and 100% recyclable. In this case, the main function for which GEOBASIC was chosen was its separation and filtration capacity.

GEOBASIC is a non-woven geotextile with great advantages:

  • It improves the life span and performance of the construction.
  • It has high mechanical and tension resistance.
  • It presents a low level of deformation.
  • Good response to load levels in roads.
  • It is an economical product, easy and quick to install.

Why did you choose DLT GEOCELDA?

Because GEOCELLS divide the land into infinite and small sections of confined and independent land, avoiding the appearance of cracks and subsidences in the soil and providing stable surfaces. It is a product designed to prevent and correct erosion on roads, slopes, channels, etc., and as a reinforcement in soils where a greater bearing capacity is required.
The DLT GEOCELDA was perfectly adapted to the reinforcement and erosion control needs of this project as they have the following advantages:

  • High resistance to tension.
  • The structure of the geocells is in honeycomb which allows to retain the land and to maintain it compacted and confined.
  • The cavities of the geocell can be filled with gravel or sand.
  • It allows drainage in a vertical and horizontal direction thanks to the perforation of the sheet.
  • Easy to store and install, the geocell is presented in a compressed accordion shape to improve handling and storage.
  • Better performance of the filling materials while increasing the load bearing capacity of the structural pavement layers.
  • The infill and cell stiffness is increased by the tension developed in the cell wall.
  • It prevents movement and protects the soil filling from constant loads, maintaining compaction and reducing wear.
  • Reduction of the amount of filler by 50% or more.
  • Allows local marginal soil to be used as fill material.
  • Reinforcement of the soil avoiding the formation of gullies.
  • Allows water and nutrients to pass through the soil, while protecting it from adverse weather conditions.
  • Allows the placement of the plant substrate and the fixation of plant species, improving rooting.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Reduced costs and time in the regeneration of degraded areas.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

With the combination of both materials: GEOBASIC and DLT Geocells, they obtained a perfectly stable path for the passage of pedestrians or traffic and with a long and useful life span.