Road Stabilization and Drainage with Geotextile and Geocells in Photovoltaic Parks in New York

On this occasion, our products have travelled to the United States to be applied in a very specific application with very specific needs: the stabilization and drainage of a road with Geotextile and Geocells.

EMPIRE VALORIZE (American construction company) and ANTARA SOLTEC (Spanish engineering company) joined their forces to carry out a project consisting of the stabilization and drainage of the access roads to different photovoltaic plants in New York: Donati, Sangolqui, Rosemond and Big Tree.

To do this, they have made use of some of the products we offer at TexDelta. More precisely, they have made use of GEOFORCE and DLT GEOCELDA:

Geotextile GEOFORCE 400 gr/m2 for reinforcement, separation and filtration.

Our Geoforce is a highly durable polypropylene geotextile perfect for application in soil separation, as a filter in drainage systems or for protection of waterproofing geomembranes. GEOFORCE was adjusted to the needs of this work since it presents the following advantages:

  • Very good resistance to perforation and tensile strength.
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Optimum porosity to allow water to pass through, but retaining the fines.
  • Cost savings.

Regarding DLT GEOCELL for roads stabilization with draining gravel; The geocells avoid the appearance of cracks or subsidences in gravel soils providing stable surfaces thanks to the confinement that they make dividing the land in infinite independent portions (cells). When we talk about the DLT GEOCELL we are talking about a three-dimensional cell confinement system in a honeycomb style structure. It is a product designed to prevent and correct erosion on slopes, hillsides, water channels, soil and track reinforcement, etc. It is filled with granular material creating a new form of geosynthetic compound in three planes. In this case, DLT GEOCELDA was perfectly suited to the needs of this project.

With these two products, EMPIRE VALORIZE and ANTARA SOLTEC managed to stabilize and drain the roads, achieving an optimal finish of the construction and avoiding continuous repairs.