Reinforcement of railway embankment Castillejo-Villasequilla

Reinforcement of railway embankment in the section Castillejo-Villasequilla (Toledo) using Geobasic Geotextile and DLT Grid ST PES Polyester Geogrid.

Vías y Construcciones, S.A. was responsible for the reinforcement of the embankment for the construction of a railway in the Castillejo-Villasequilla section. When construction projects are carried out on existing soils, these can transmit an additional load, generating shear forces that can exceed the shear resistance of the soil and causing a failure at the base of the embankment.

An adequate design of the embankment with the use of our GEOBASIC 200gr/m2 as a separating element to maintain the characteristics of each of the layers without contamination, as well as the installation of a DLT GRID ST PES geogrid to improve the bearing capacity of the soil and distribute the loads, will foreseeably increase the performance of the structure.

The Geobasic 200 gr./m2 geotextile is a non-woven material made of 100% polyester, mechanically bonded by a needle punch process, with high mechanical performance. It is a geotextile that we manufacture in different strengths and widths to adapt to the needs of each project and client. Thanks to its high mechanical resistance, this geotextile is recommended for protection, filtration, separation and drainage functions in practically all fields of application in civil engineering and building. This technical fabric or geotextile is an environmentally friendly product and 100% recyclable.

For its reinforcement, the DLT GRID ST PES polyester geogrid was installed, specially designed for the reinforcement and stabilization of soils. It is manufactured with high elastic modulus and low creep polyester which gives the geogrid a high resistance. The geogrid has a polymeric coating that provides a better response to environmental chemicals. It is a biaxial reinforcement geogrid with a rectangular mesh opening.

This way, by making use of geosynthetics, the construction company guarantees the integrity of the project during all its life expectancy.