Sealing and closure of Andilla landfill site

A project consisting of the sealing and closure of Andilla landfill site by applying bentonite geocomposite, DLT Drain GMG drainage geocomposite and DLT Drain Mesh 3D polyester geomesh.

In order to prevent serious environmental issues, current legislation establishes that landfill sites are only created at particular locations and following a specific design to include sealing and closure instructions that are safe for the public health and the environment. Due to their importance and relevance to public health, landfill sites must be considered as safe locations from a sanitary, architectural and environmental point of view.

For that reason, the company Canalizaciones y Derribos Safor, S.L. responsible for the sealing of Andilla’s landfill site at Alcublas used a BENTONITE GEOCOMPOSITE to ensure its correct waterproofing: bentonite geocomposites comprise a woven and a non woven membrane surrounding a sodium bentonite core. This is a volcanic clayey material that can widely expand in contact with water, thereby resulting in a highly waterproofing solution to prevent the drainage of leachate (a highly toxic fluid resulting from the decomposition of the different types of waste found in a landfill). In the above case consisting of the sealing of a landfill site, the bentonite was used to prevent the drainage of rainwater to avoid further leachates.

This drainage was undertaken by entwining the DLT Drain GMG GEOMESH on both sides. This synthetic geomesh comprises extruded monofilaments with a parallel channel morphology and a geotextile membrane attached to both sides for drainage and separation purposes that is capable of extracting both fluids as well as gas from a landfill site.

In terms of erosion control, the product used was the 3D POLYESTER DLT DRAIN GR GEOMESH designed to prevent and correct erosion caused by rain and wind in slopes and hillsides in order to regenerate the vegetation cover.