Protection and strengthening of Plasencia railway station

GEOFORCE GEOTEXTILE was applied at Plasencia railway station (Caceres) for the purposes of soil separation, protection and strengthening.

Since GEOFORCE geotextiles can support high speeds and the weight of trains, the firm ROVER ALCISA, S.A. decided to install them at Plasencia railway station in order to provide further soil resistance. Below are the benefits obtained through the application of geotextile membranes on soil during construction:

  • Separation: preventing contact between two materials with different features, avoiding potential blending and contamination
  • Strengthening: allowing for support and stabilisation during the construction of railway stations and other types of soil that must withstand heavy loads.
  • Protection: GEOFORCE geotextile membranes protect the waterproof geomesh, thus preventing any mechanical damages caused by punctures or friction.

DLT GEOFORCE is a non woven geotextile membrane made from 100% polypropylene fibres that are mechanically joined using a needle-punch process. Due to its top mechanical features, this highly durable polypropylene geotextile membrane is ideal for application in the separation of soils, drainage filters, geomesh protection, waterproofing and shock absorption.

By applying a geotextile membrane such as GEOFORCE, the railway station’s soil will benefit from further resistance, resulting in a stable, long lasting ground despite the constant train traffic.