CV-355 road resurfacing – 2019

CV-355 road resurfacing in the section between Aras de los Olmos and Losilla (Valencia) using DLT GRID DL GLASS geomesh.

Several external agents such as traffic loads, land movements and temperature fluctuations can result in cracks and deformation of the road surface making traffic flow more difficult. Such was the case of the CV-355 road section between Aras de los Olmos and Losilla (Valencia) that was subject to the consequences of wear and tear, in addition to withstanding constant high speed loads. For that reason, the firm BECSA, S.A.U. carried out a resurfacing project on the above road with the purpose of providing it with additional safety, resistance and expanding its useful life. For this purpose, they applied DLT GRID DL GLASS GEOMESH that provides the following benefits:

Protection: a flexible geomesh that is suitable for protecting asphalt areas in roads, airports and car parks.
Strengthening: DLT GRID DL GLASS strengthens heavy load asphalt areas.

DLT GRID DL GLASS geomesh strengthens the asphalt layers preventing deformations, increasing the capacity of dynamic loads by distributing the tensions produced and preventing cracking, resulting in a longer asphalt useful life.

Maintaining roads in good state of repair is essential to prevent accidents while ensuring an efficient, safe traffic flow.