Construction of the A-33 freeway through La Font de la Figuera

Construction of the section of the A-33 freeway in La Font de la Figuera (Valencia) with Geoforce Geotextil.

DLT GEOFORCE is a non woven geotextile membrane made from 100% polypropylene fibres that are mechanically joined using a needle-punch process. Due to its top mechanical features, this highly durable polypropylene geotextile membrane is ideal for filtering and draining soils. For these reasons, the construction company, ACCIONA CONSTRUCCIÓN S.A., applied Geoforce Geotextil 200g/ m² for the drainage and filtration of the section of the A-33 freeway as it passes through La Font de la Figuera.

GEOFORCE is an easy-to-handle geotextile with strong benefits:

  • Resistance to perforation and traction.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance and biological chemistry.
  • A good balance between permeability and particle retention.
  • Cost reduction.

A non woven geotextile separates the different layers of materials ensuring load stability on the road. The functions of installing this textile in roads are; to filter the water, separate the soil, and to reinforce traction, drainage and protection. In the case of the La Font de la Figuera freeway section, the main functions of Geoforce are:

  • Filtration: GEOFORCE Geotextil retains certain particles subjected to hydrodynamic forces at the same time as allowing the passage of fluids.
  • Drainage: It performs the function of allowing the passage of water from one place to another in liquid or gaseous form, carrying out the function of elimination through evacuation in the thickness of the geotextile. Its high permeability enables the water to retreat and the consolidation of the ground. Furthermore, the non woven geotextile can act against an increase in weeds by allowing the passage of waters and nutrients to those plants we are interested in.

With the installation of Geoforce Geotextil, we guarantee a long life for the roads it is applied to and, in the long term, greater safety for the vehicles that use them.